Thank you very much for our weddingdance

Jennifer and Michiel sent us their thanks. “Thank you very much for our weddingdance.” They had their trial lesson at 4th of April, 2017. Because of Jennifers’ background we did the classes in English. Jennifer and Michiel chose a mix of Billy Paul – Your song and the Pitbull version of Bailar.

Classes in Utrecht

Jennifer and Michiel took their classes in our location in Utrecht. Their trainer was Vincent. During the choreography phase they decided to also take video. As a result this helped them to remember the steps a lot better. Due to the use of the videos we were able to do more in the short timeframe. They got married at 3rd of June 2017.


We would also like to thank Michiel and Jennifer for making a couple of useful suggestions to improve our business. For example: our website now has a language button so that it is possible to switch to English language. We can imagine their clients are really happy to have them work for them.

Michiel and Jennifers’ review:

Thank you very much for the dance classes!
We impressed all the guests but mainly ourselves; it made our special day even more magical and unforgettable.

Jennifer and Michiel


Thank you very much for our weddingdance

Thank you very much for our weddingdance.